55 West 39th Street

55 West 39th Street is located between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue on West 39th Street

55 West 39th Street, New York, New York, 10018


Jesmond  Dalli
T 212-840-2150
F 212-302-2394

Property Information
PROPERTY: 51-57 West 39th Street, New York, NY
LAND AREA: 8,465+/- square feet
ZONING: Partially located in a“C5-3,” Commercial District, and partially located within an “M1-6, Manufacturing District.

DESCRIPTION: The property consists of a seventeen (17) story over basement, attached, brick, elevator office building, containing 2 retail spaces and forty seven (47) offices

There is good ingress/egress and visibility, via West 39th Street which travels one way in a westerly direction. The streets are publicly maintained macadam paved roads, having curbs, sidewalks, and mercury vapor lights mounted on conventional metal lamp posts.

Property Infrastructure
FOUNDATION: Brick, concrete, and masonry walls, slabs, and footings.
WALLS: Brickface and masonry.
ROOF: The upper levels of the building gradually decrease in size, with increasing setbacks at the front and the rear of the building. The building has a flat style, built-up roof with composite membrane surfaces. There are two roof mounted water towers.
WINDOWS: Double hang aluminum insulated thermopane units.
ENTRANCES: Along the north side of West 39th Street, two sets of aluminum framed plate glass storefronts and doors lead into the ground floor retail spaces. In addition along West 39th Street, there is a double-door entrance with an interposing threshold. The exterior doors consist of metal and glass and lead into the lobby.

ELEVATORS: The building is equipped with a total of five (5) elevators. Three passenger elevators are located at the east side of the building, while two freight cabs are at the west side of the building.


55 W39th Street


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